Yo what’s up guys? It’s Justin here from Guitar Critic Dude and i’ve decided to put up this website in order to help people with their guitars.

There are a lot of sites out there, but I couldn’t find one that really did a great job reviewing products that have to do with guitars. I decided that since I couldn’t find out that I would be the one to put up a site like that muhahaha!

So on this site, you can expect to find my plethora of reviews about all things guitars!

Why I love Guitars

I love guitars because they make music. Music is listened to by everyone! Furthermore, I love how so many people from different walks of life are able to pick up a guitar and show we are all the game. Like seriously, take a look at the Muslim girl absolutely shredding. I thought this was so cool and literally justifies why I love guitars…

Popular Articles On The Site

Below are just a few of the popular articles we have on guitars.

Best Online Guitar Lessons Reviewed – I show you which online guitar lessons are the best and which ones are whack! You’ll find out my personal favorite, as well as which ones I recommend to stay away from. This is an article that can literally change your life…Why? Because if you use the right one, you’ll be able to start jamming…AND BE GOOD!

Best Acoustic Guitars Reviewed – This is a post where I show you exactly what is my favorite/best acoustic guitar. You might be surprised about what I have to say…So be sure to take a read.

Best Electric Guitar Reviewed – Since the above post is for acoustic, now we have a post that tells you exactly which is the best electric guitar. This is where we go through a bunch of different electric guitars and tell you our take on them.

My Story

Once upon a time my dad handed me a guitar when I was in middle school. I was never totally into playing, however I took a few lessons over the years so I became decent. It wasn’t until high school where  I saw this video and was thoroughly embarrassed…

I was like..wow…dude…are you serious about them being able to shred better than me?

I was super upset that these little guys were better than me and I had been playing for a couple of years..It was then I realized that I wanted to become a better guitar player. I enrolled in the guitar class at our high school…but that just didn’t quite do it. Although I learned a lot, I wasn’t satisfied!!! I wanted more! So I decided to get some online lessons and work on my game.

Nowadays I am a much better player and I actually feel comfortable writing this wesbite because I now have the experience!

Contact Me

If you are browsing this website and you ever have a question, be sure to contact me here or leave a comment on the page that you’re looking at. I am always willing to be able to help anyone who would have a question about this stuff. So seriously…take me up on this.